Klinik has now been running for nearly 4 weeks and we are making a few changes to make patient access better for our patients.   

York Medical Group feel that patients know best whether their condition is Urgent (within 24 hours) or Routine and therefore we are making some changes to the tiles from Wednesday 14th July 2021. Some of the tile renaming has already begun. 

Patients will be able to choose whether their problem is Urgent or Routine (I have a health problem tile will be removed). Please include as much information as possible about your condition to allow us to assess your problem. 

New Klinik Tiles:  

  •          Urgent Appointment (contact in 24 hours)   
  •          Routine Appointment 
  •          Nurse Appointment - Swabs 

Removed Klinik Tiles:  

  • I need to contact you about a health problem
  • I would like to talk to someone about my mental health

Changes to Klinik Tiles:

  • Test Results will now display links to NHS App and S1 Online