Update for Patients May 2021

Why is it difficult to get a Routine Appointment?

This has been due to sickness amongst our clinical staff, the extra time required to see patients safely during the Covid Pandemic, a backlog of patients as well as extra work from the hospitals due to their Pandemic backlog. 

Request for Same Day Appointments which cannot wait to the following day are usually seen on the day. 

Why has it taken a long time to get through on the Phones?

The volume of calls has increased dramatically over the last few months. This, along with a shortage of clinical appointments, has meant patients have to call again compounding the delay in us answering your calls. 

Covid has been used as an excuse for no appointments

The UK is in the midst of unlocking from the Covid Pandemic, most people have now had at least one Covid Vaccination and transmission rates are reducing. For the last year York Medical Group staff have been working tirelessly using new technology to safely deal with patients. This has helped staff treat patients in a different way. Staff have adapted well, but as with all change, especially at such fast pace, has led to heightened stress levels; all whilst also undertaking the largest vaccination programme in history has taken its toll on our teams leaving them exhausted. 

What is York Medical Group doing to address this staff shortage?  

We have engaged regular Locum GPs 

2 GPs have been recruited, starting May and June 2021 

Mental Health Nurse has just started with the Practice 

Paramedic is due to start shortly to help with Home Visits 

Push Dr has been engaged to provide Video Consultations with Locum GP  

What is York Medical Group doing to address the difficulties getting through on the Phones? 

Extra staff are being recruited to help answer the increased volume of calls 

More appointments are being made available to help with patient demand 

A new online system called Klinik is being used to reduce phone calls  

What is Klinik?

Klinik is an online service which is accessible through York Medical Group's website 

Patients can electronically submit a request for treatment, follow up appointment with a chosen GP, nurse appointment, medication queries, sick note/fit note request or any other general queries. 

Klinik is available 24 hours, 7 days a week 

Klinik can be used online, at site or over the telephone 

When will I be able to use Klinik? 

Klinik will be launched on Wednesday, 9th June 2021 

How will this affect me?

You can submit your request to the practice online at any time of day or night 

There is no need for lengthy queues on the phone

You do not need to ring at a specific time

You do not need to come down to one of our GP Surgeries to submit your request for treatment 

Submitting the information online gives you more time to answer the questions in your own time and pass on all the information that you think the clinician should know 

Please answer all the questions carefully to ensure you get the correct help for your condition 

A clinician will review the information you have submitted and will message or call you with any action you need to take using the information you have submitted 

All requests for a GP will be dealt with that day providing we receive your request before 4:30pm 

I don’t have a computer, what do I do?

If you do not have a computer, you can still phone the surgery or come in to one of our open surgeries. The questions you will be asked will be the same as those online.