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The staff who work here ,especially in the reception area are generally very helpful , I do think that it takes far too long to get a routine appointment, even a telephone conversation has taken three weeks .
Too hard to get an appointment.
Your building is not a doctors surgery, its falling apart. I much prefer when it was just 32 Clifton, NOT York medical group.
Find reception very friendly and helpful across the board.
I have supported a client to an appointment with Dr Mar this afternoon. Dr Mar was extremely understanding, patient and kind offering information and clear advice to his patient. He gave a lot of his time to help his patient with his situation. Thank you. Nancy Bland
The waiting time to see a Doctor is far to long that's if you manage to get through on the phone to even book an appointment, I have spent hours in call queues only to be passed to a different surgery because the surgery your calling is not answering.